(BL Harley MS.6848 f.154)

Pleaseth it your honorable Lordship toching marlowes monstruous opinions as I
but with an agreved conscience think on him or them so can I but particulariz
fewe in the respect of them that kept him greater company, Howbeit in
discharg of dutie both towards god your Lps & the world thus much haue I thought
good breiflie to discouer in all humblenes.
First it was his custom when I knew him first & as I heare saie he
contynewd it in table talk or otherwise to iest at the devine scriptures
gybe at praiers, & stryve in argument to frustrate & confute what hath byn
spoke or wrytt by prophets & such holie men.
1 He would report St John to be our savior Christes Alexis I cover it with reverence
and trembling that is that Christ did loue him with an extraordinary loue.
2 That for me to wryte a poem of St Paules conversion as I was determined
he said wold be as if I shold go wryte a book of fast & loose, esteeming
Paul a Jugler.
3 That the prodigall Childes portion was but fower nobles, he held his
purse so neere the bottom in all pictures, and that it either was a iest
or els fowr nobles then was thought a great patrimony not thinking it a
4 That things esteemed to be donn by devine power might haue aswell been don
by observation of men all which he wold so sodenlie take slight occasion to
slyp out as I & many others in regard of his other rashnes in attempting
soden pryvie iniuries to men did ouerslypp though often reprehend him for it
& for which god is my witnes aswell by my lordes comamandment as in hatred
of his life & thoughts I left & did refraine his companie.
He wold perswade with men of quallitie to goe vnto the King of Scotts whether
I heare Royden is gon and where if he had liud he told me when I
sawe him last he meant to be.

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