(BL Harley MS.6848 f.191)

Righte worshypfull whereas I promised to sende you worde when Cholmeley
was with mee; these are to lett you vnderstande that hee bath not yet
bene with mee for hee doeth partely suspecte that I will bewray his villanye
& his companye. But yesterday hee sente two of his companions to mee
to knowe if I would Joyne with him in familiarertie & becom of there
damnable Crewe. I sothed the villaynes with faire wordes in there follies
because I would thereby dive into the secretes of their develishe hartes
that I mighte the better bewray their purposes to drawe her majestys subiects
to bee Athiests, their practise is after her majestys decease to make a kinge
amonge themselves & live accordinge to their owne lawes, & this saieth
Cholmeley wilbee done easely because they bee & shortely wilbe by his & his
felowes persuasions as many of their opynion as of any other religion.
Mr Cholmeley his maner of proceedinge in scorninge the Queenes subiects
is firste to make slanderous reportes of most noble peeres & honorable
Counsailors, as the Lord Threaseror the Lord Chamberleyn the Lord
Admirall, Sir Robert Cecill, these saieth hee haue profounde witnes bee
sounde Athiests & their lives & deedes showe that they thinke their soules
doe ende vanishe & perishe with their bodies.
His seconde course is to make a Jeste of the Scripture with these fearefull
horrible & damnable speeches, that Jhesus Christe was a bastarde
St Mary a whore & the Anngell Gabriell a Bawde to the holy ghoste
& that Christe was Justly persecuted by the Jewes for his owne foolishnes.
that Moyses was a Jugler & Aaron a Cosoner the one for his miracles
to Pharao to prove there was a god, & the other for takinge the Earerings
of the children of Israell to make a golden calfe with many other blasphe=
mous speeches of the devine essence of god which I feare to rehearse
This Cursed Cholmeley hath Lx of his company & hee is seldome from
his felowes & therefore I beeseech your worship haue a speciall care of your
selfe in apprehendinge him for they bee resolute murderinge myndes

your worshyppes

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