(BL Harley MS.6848 f.190r,v)

Remembraunces of wordes & matters against Ric Cholmeley.

That hee speaketh in generall all evill of the Counsell; sayenge that they
are all Atheistes & Machiavillians, especially my Lord Admirall

That hee made certen libellious verses in Commendacen of papistes & Seminary
priestes very greately inveighinge againste the State, amonge which lynes this
was one, Nor may the Prince deny the Papall Crowne

That hee had a certen booke (as hee saieth) deliverd him by Sir Robert Cecill
of whom hee geveth very scandalous reporte, that hee should invite him
to consider thereof & to frame verses & libells in Commendacen of constant
Priests & vertuous Recusants, this booke is in Custodie & is called an
Epistle of Comforte & is printed at Paris.

That he railes at Mr Topcliffe & hath written another libell Joyntlye
againste Sir Francis Drake & Justice younge whom hee saieth hee
will Couple vp together because hee hateth them alike

That when the muteny happened after the Portingale voyage in the Strand
hee said that hee repented him of nothinge more then that hee had not
killed my Lord Threasorer with his owne handes sayenge that hee could
not have done god better service, this was spoken in the hearinge of
Franncis Clerke & many other Souldieres

That hee saieth hee doeth entirely hate the Lord Chamberleyn & hath good cause
so to doe.

That he saieth & verely beleveth that one Marlowe is able to showe more
sounde reasons for Atheisme then any devine in Englande is able to geve to
prove devinitie & that Marloe tolde him that hee hath read the Atheist lecture
to Sir walter Raliegh & others.

That he saieth that hee hath certen men corrupted by his persuasions,
who wilbee ready at all tymes & for all causes to sweare whatsoever seemeth
good to him, Amonge whom is one Henry younge & Jasper Borage & others

That hee so highly esteemeth his owne witt & Judgement that hee saieth
that noman are sooner devyned & abused then the Counsell themselves
That hee can goe beyonde & Cosen them as hee liste & that if hee make
any Complainte in behalfe of the Queene hee shall not onely bee privately
heard & enterteyned, but hee will so vrge the Counsell for money that without
hee have what hee liste hee will doe nothinge

That beinge imployed by some of her majestys prevy Counsaile for the apprehension
of Papists & other dangerous men hee vsed he saieth to take money of
them & would lett them passe in spighte of the Counsell.

That he saieth that william Parry was hanged drawen & quartered but in
Jeste that hee was a grosse Asse overreached by Cunninge, & that in trueth
hee now meante to kill the Queene more then himselfe had.

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