(BL Harley MS.6853 ff.307-8
Endorsed 'Copy of Marloes blasphemyes
As sent to her H'
- After amendment)

A note delived on whitsun eve last of
the most horrible blasphemes and
damnable opinions
uttered by xxofer marly
who within iij dayes after came to a suden &
fearfull ende of his life.

That the Indians and many Authors of Antiquitei
have assuredly written of aboue 16 thowsande years
agone, wher Adam is proued to haue leyved within
6 thowsande years.

That Moyses was but a Juggler and that
one Heriots can do more then hee.

That Moyses made the Jewes to travell fortie years
in the wildernes, (which iorney might have ben done in
lesse then one year) er they came to the promised
lande, to the intente that those whoe were privei to
most of his subtileteis might perish, and so an ever=
lastinge supersticion remayne in the harts of the

That the firste beginnynge of Religion was only to
keep men in awe.

That it was an easie matter for Moyses being brought vp in
all the artes of the Egiptians to abuse the Jewes being
a rude and grosse people.

That Christ was a Bastard and his mother dishonest.

That he was the sone of a carpenter, and that yf the
Jewes among whome he was borne did crucifye him
thei best knew him and whence he came.

That Christ deserved better to dye then Barrabas, and
that the Iewes made a good choyce, though Barrabas
were both a thiefe and a murtherer.

That if ther be any God or good Religion, then it
is in the Papists because the service of God is performed
with more ceremonyes, as elevation of the masse, organs,
singinge men, &c. That all protestantes
ar hipocriticall asses.

That, if he were put to write a new religion, he wolde
undertake both a more excellent, and more admirable methode
and that all the new testament is filthily written.

That the woman of Samaria were whores
and that Christ knew them dishonestlye.

That St John the Evangelist was bedfellow to Christe, that he
leaned alwayes in his bosum, that he used him
as the synners of Sodoma.

That all the Appostles were fishermen and base fellowes
nether of witt nor worth, that Pawle only had witt,
that he was a timerous fellow in biddinge men to be
subject to magistrates against his conscience.

That if Christ had instituted the Sacraments
with more ceremonyall reverence, it wolde have
been had in more admiration, that it wolde have
been much better beinge administred in a Tobacco pype.

That the Angell Gabriell was bawde to the holy
Ghoste because he brought the salutation to Marie.

That one Richard Cholmelei hath confessed that he was
perswaded by Marloes reason to become an Atheiste.
(Marginal note: he is layd for.)

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