As originally submitted

(BL Harley MS.6848 ff.185-6)

A note Containing the opinion of one Christopher
Marly Concerning his Damnable Judgment
of Religion, and scorn of gods word.

That the Indians and many Authors of antiquity haue
assuredly writen aboue 16 thousand yeares agone wher
as Adam is proued to haue lived within 6 thowsand yeares.

He affirmeth that Moyses was but a Jugler, & that one
Heriots being Sir W Raleighs man can do more then he.

That Moyses made the Jewes to travell xl yeares in the
wildernes, (which Jorney might haue bin Done in lesse then
one yeare) ere they Came to the promised land, to thintent
that those who were privy to most of his subtilties might
perish and so an everlasting superstition Remain in the harts
of the people.

That the first beginning of Religioun was only to keep men
in awe.

That it was an easy matter for Moyses being brought vp in
all the artes of the Egiptians to abuse the Jewes being
a rude & grosse people.

That Christ was a bastard and his mother dishonest.

That he was the sonne of a Carpenter, and that if the
Jewes among whome he was borne did Crucify him
theie best knew him and whence he Came.

That Crist deserved better to Dy then Barrabas and
that the Jewes made a good Choise, though Barrabas
were both a thief and murtherer.

That if there be any god or any good Religion, then it
is in the papistes because the service of god is performed
with more Cerimonies, as Elevation of the mass, organs,
singing men, Shaven Crownes & cetera. That all protestants
are Hypocriticall asses.

That if he were put to write a new Religion, he would
vndertake both a more Exellent and Admirable methode
and that all the new testament is filthily written.

That the woman of Samaria & her sister were whores
& that Christ knew them dishonestly.

That St John the Evangelist was bedfellow to Christ
and leaned alwaies in his bosome, that he vsed him
as the sinners of Sodoma.

That all they that loue not Tobacco & Boies were fooles.

That all the apostles were fishermen and base fellowes
neyther of wit nor worth, that Paull only had wit
but he was a timerous fellow in bidding men to be
subiect to magistrates against his Conscience.

That he had as good Right to Coine as the Queene of
England, and that he was acquainted with one poole
a prisoner in newgate who hath greate Skill in mix=
ture of mettals and hauing learned some things of
him he ment through help of a Cunninge stamp
maker to Coin French Crownes pistolets and Eng=
lish shillinges.

That if Christ would haue instituted the sacrament
with more Ceremoniall Reverence it would haue
bin had in more admiration, that it would haue
bin much better being administred in a Tobacco pipe.

That the Angell Gabriell was Baud to the holy
ghost, because he brought the salutation to Mary.

That one Ric Cholmley hath Confessed that he was
persuaded by Marloe's Reasons to become an Atheist.

These thinges, with many other shall by good &
honest witnes be aproved to be his opinions and
Comon Speeches, and that this Marlow doth not
only hould them himself, but almost into every
Company he Cometh he perswades men to Atheism
willing them not to be afeard of bugbeares and
hobgoblins, and vtterly scorning both god and his
ministers as I Richard Baines will Justify &
approue both by mine oth and the testimony
of many honest men, and almost al men with
whome he hath Conversed any time will
testify the same, and as I think all men in
Cristianity ought to indevor that the mouth of
so dangerous a member may be stopped, he saith likewise
that he hath quoted a number of Contrarieties oute of
the Scripture which he hath giuen to some great men who
in Convenient time shalbe named. When these thinges shalbe
Called in question the witnes shalbe produced.

Richard Baines

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